We are no longer learning at the expense of customers. We work without intermediaries and managers. The same person communicates with the client and leads the project.
Evgeny Rumyantsev
CEO and founder
Alexey Sorokin
Technical Director
Catherine Scherbak
Creative director
Daniil Kozhemyakin
Attracted expert from Ulmart
Maxim Novikov
Python. Machine learning
David Cholaria
Senior Front-end
Mikhail Sayapin
Backa-end Team-Lead
Company: Redstone LLC
Phone: +1-267-759-9000

Office locations:
Moscow, Mira Ave. 40, BC Regus, office 620
Petersburg, pl. Carla Faberge 8, office 404
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20 years development experience
Have a project or task?
20 years development experience
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Опыт разработки 20 лет
Redstone LLC 2018-2020 г

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